We hope that 2013 has been kind to all of you! 2014 is just getting started for another amazing whirlwind year of discoveries, meeting new people and realizing unfinished dreams.

In the spirit of the new year, we have decided to undergo major, major, major changes! It will be  leap of faith but we are going to do it anyway. We started out very shaky and all over the place. We would like to take the start of the new year to set ourselves straight and reinvent the website a little. There will be changes in terms of contents and categories. Our existing posts will still be available for viewing so do not let this stop you. Updates will slow down as we strive to revitalize the entire website. We are learning the ropes along the way as we go and getting inspired by others whom we look up too. We hope that it will all work out great and we’ll greet you again once everything is set right.

The new website is still undergoing some layout and content changes. It is best viewed on PC; view full site for mobile users. We are currently working on making it more responsive to mobile platforms, do be patient with us.

For our existing WordPress followers, the possibilities of migrating you guys together with us seems bleak. We feel so regretful about it. This is WordPress’ petty revenge for those who have decided to move out of their sheltering walls (just kidding, or am I?). Also, only blogs hosted on WordPress can be viewed via the WordPress Reader  so I guess we will be disappearing from there as well. Damn, if only we thought this all out more carefully.

Anyway, there is no turning back for us now so we are trying out with a new Follow button plugin available for self-hosted WordPress blogs. If you are genuinely keen on continuing this journey with us, we will see you there! Alternatively, you can create/use your bloglovin’ account to follow our new blog and not miss out on anything.

For our existing bloglovin’ followers, we have sent in our request to the support team to have them update our website url without compromising on our follower so you are in safe hands.

This WordPress blog will be inactive and made private by February 2014. Kindly update all bookmarks, permalinks and blogrolls. we appreciate all the support and hits we have received over the past 3 months and are excited to unveil a better us in the new year.

To another amazing year ahead! See you guys on the other side!


Sam, Stacey and Hazel



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